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This deviation was deleted

Ahh, I do love AppleDash. But then again, I love most MLP ships that aren't incest [i.e. BraeJack.. yech]

Anyway, I'll begin now.....
[Italicized, bracketed text is just me going off on a tangent.. Not really part of the actual critique.. Sorry, I tend to do that, skip italics if you'd like]

Vision was very good in this one. I basically see vision as the theme of an artwork, and you've definitely conveyed some theme in this image that can be broadened and generalized to eventually say: Love transcends all differences.

Originality took a bit of a hit. Not that I don't love AppleDash, but the idea of the artwork seems a bit cliche. It's pretty much just a portrait of Applejack and Rainbow Dash sleeping together.. something which, while I think you've recreated it pretty well, isn't exactly an original, stunning idea.

Technique has always been my favorite part of a critique to write. It's when I get to fuss over all the little nit-picky details, as well as when I get to swoon over all the brilliant resolution and nit-picky details. And one thing I'm never disappointed in your artwork by: you ALWAYS render it in high-res. Seriously, 8000 PIXELS?!?!?! That alone makes me love your work, let alone your style seeming so similar to the show's. As far as the way the artwork is actually drawn, I have very few complaints. The moon is centered [not mathematical center, but visual center; lots of times, the EXACT center of the artwork really isn't the place you want a centered object to be], AppleDash is positioned at just the right place to make the lighting make sense, etc. Loving the inner glow you put on the cloud to make it blend with the rest of the background, loving the simple star brush you used that gives the sensation of twinkling without really looking like a real star [can I get that brush, by the way? it'd be nice to use for some of my own artwork.. that is, if that IS a brush file..], loving the little beads on the edge of Applejack's tail. However, one or two things I would improve on:
-I don't know if you meant to do this, but Applejack's tail continues past the end of the beads, and in smaller-resolution, it makes her tail look a bit awkward.
-This is something I've noticed in most of your pony art. Although drawn in brilliant canon-style, all of your ponies' bodies seem a bit disproportionate. Not in the sense of head vs. legs, but rather their torsos are a bit smaller than show-style ponies. [But maybe you should keep that, just so we know your specific style ;)]
Aside from that, I see no real technical errors.

Impact. It's the simplest thing to grade. It basically asks, "Will I remember this artwork?" And, I can tell you, I will remember this one, but it won't be the first artwork that comes to mind when I think of your username.

Overall, you've done a pretty nice job here. I'm not one to judge when it comes to pony art [hell, all I do is slap vectors together and make em into movie posters or wallpapers... for now ;)], but I've seen my share of artwork. And from what I've seen, I can tell you quite plainly: this is a prime example of YOUR style, of YOUR art.

And it's really well done.
Keep up the good work.
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NightmareMoonS Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well about the start brush, it's under Assorted brushes category, PS of course.
Yes it's intended that tail would go past the beads.
Well I guess I can agree with disproportionality =p The thing is that the sketch looks fine on its own but when you vector it you do realize that something is off=p It's really hard to make a 100% accurate sketch^^;

Thank you very much for the feedback, I really appreciate it! :icontwidashhugplz:
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