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Agent Dashie Revised by Wreky

Once again, you display your mastery of traditional artwork, my friend.

You know how I love to write long, detailed critiques, but there's just not much anyone can say about vision, in this piece or in any. It displays a great idea of Dashie as a secret agent. It implants questions in the viewer's mind, somewhat like inception: who does Dash work for? Why is she at the Opera of Detroit? I should go write a fic about this! etc...

I've always loved the concept of secret agent Dashie. Her personality and lust for adventure makes her the perfect manifestation of James Bond in MLP. Unfortunately, there just aren't that many great ones out there. I've seen a few peppered around dA here and there, but only two have stuck with me. One was a vector of Dash without any background or anything, but it stuck with me because of its high resolution and usability for my movie posters/wallpapers/ponies in real life... You get the picture. This is the only other one I've seen that leaves a real impression on me, partly because I just plain love your style of art, but mostly because I tend to cherish all of the rare MLP fan themes [i.e. secret agent Dash].

Trust me, this has the potential to be a 5. It has the potential to be your best artwork yet. Let me start off by saying, I hope so much that this is still a WIP. Not that that's meant to sound mean, but as great as it is, there are two rough-draft inconsistencies that I would consider revising:
  • As my critique predecessor has already mentioned, the background is pretty low-res. Is that something that you're planning on fixing? Because this background could give the piece so much depth were it to be in higher resolution.
  • Plain and simple, Dashie should have a reflection. It makes her look a little unrealistic when everything in the background is reflected except her.
Besides those two, I have nothing but good things to say about Dashie herself. You've captured attention to detail brilliantly, as I can usually count on you to. The edges of her coat are shaded and shadowed to the extent that they look 3-dimensional. I LOVE the pattern you chose for her jacket, and the tightness up front. Makes her look all the more professional. I don't even think I need to say anything about the hair; you know I'm proud of you for it. I like how her eyes look like anime eyes, but realistic at the same time. You've shadowed everything on her very nicely, aside from a couple of inconsistencies in lighting. Loving the little wisp of smoke flowing through her hair. Overall, a very well done-over artwork.

You've received consistent 4.5's on this critique. Impact gets 4.5 because I'll be remembering this artwork for awhile, but at the moment, it's not the greatest piece you've ever done.

Keep on keepin' on, Wrek.

~Since I can't very well call myself gifs anymore, I'll just call myself Dylan.
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